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years of self-sacrifice and heroism of those who understand it fully you have to live a. real life stories from world war two. the true nineteen forty five dollars r.t. dot com. auntie's top stories of the week of course he rescued the u. releases the twelve billion euro tranche agreed from last year's bailout package of that in an imminent greek default there was violence on the streets during the week in response to the austerity plan needed security will. hundreds of thousands of public sector workers take part in a one day national strike across the u.k. over government cuts and plans to slash their pensions and other benefits. good good in the gulf and they're going to comply libya. is going to look at this is the good. i don't believe bills will not belong to me. so that's why we continue.
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our tea exclusively interviews colonel gadhafi son save our lives love he says nature's goal is to control e bay and its resources at the alliance around stop and strikes on the country. as activists from the freedom flotilla carrying humanitarian aid for the palestinians in gaza are demanding explanations from big recall story authorities charged burned by itself from the loopholes they believe the decision was made under pressure from israel and the u.s. . and they are very welcome to the program this is all she's weekly review i'm. story now greece is to get its latest payout from the un the next two weeks according to eurozone finance ministers they also plan to focus on discussing a second bailout for the country the release of the twelve billion euro trash and
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it does at the fourth came however at a price which has outraged the greek public the greek parliament radical stares he was demanded by the u.n. international monetary fund including some off of state assets and so with the budget cuts. there's almost eighty billion euro m.p.'s now already but it's the measures despite widespread public because the show with protesters saying the current started watching and people not responsible for the economic mess three days of demonstrations left hundreds injured as angry crowds clashed with police who responded with tear gas and stun grenades and financial journalist demetri coffin has has been with protesters and syntagma square the focal point of an arrest. i think the only real option for them right now for the protesters and for the greek people is if some sort of political option or movement develops out of the society out of the ranks of ordinary people who are intelligent or capable who come from universities who have some idea of what the country needs cording to
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scholars here in greece will cost to tional scholars and former members of the government they claim that the measure simply unconstitutional the first place because you need one hundred eighty members of parliament to pass a sort of legislation first of all second of all they can pass whatever they like but if the people don't agree to it and the people are not willing to sit down and take it it doesn't really matter what they pass and that's what we're seeing here right now what you're looking to have happen is you're you're going to see a fall discovered at some point i said if things go it really of the violence is a really big issue because if if the violence if this results in casualties not just massive injuries then that's going to that's going to lead to a collapse of this government will that mean that the next government will come in and actually do something productive maybe maybe not but then i'd have to fall to i don't see the people in this country lying down there's a report that the head of the pharmaceutical national pharmaceutical station here in greece is going to be filing a lawsuit along with other people against the government for use of illegal substances because these weren't just it was just here gas there were other chemicals including a sixteen agents and that's why you see a lot of people here i saw them myself and
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a lot of people other people saw them passing out not being able to breathe he points out the metro station not being able to breathe a lot before the hospital for that reason people are very angry here and a very upset and they understand what's going on and then are sent these measures are not going to help them and their future. and the fear that the you cash one how high critics of. that money will be released to pay off find out how people have greens africans. on the streets and voices of discontent and where are they now that. it's a war we did not create this bit so i know going to pay for this that we want that they got elected but that's. continues to fight against economic ruin. and attempts to prevent greece from defaulting on its previous lame payments the people will be seeing any. of this buyout money actually comes
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into the greek economy it all goes out. the battles on save the banks and prevent a large scale financial crisis for the people the price is simply too high they see their income don't going down they see taxes taxes taxes and nothing else very money does not go to very early on me here is struggling against partial stereotyping measures and many government now faces an electorate opposed to a bailout and lots of people are asking when the. european central bank and the e.u. provided that initial. one hundred billion euros to look past the bear and move on so plan b. because they can manage another bailout package and pay back the loan for a lot of people. if that really comes to the troika many people now in greece simply don't want to help their actions as being poor and to self interest.
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as much as. the. problem. and they are. almost. certainly come as a high cost for the cuts in public spending raising taxes and then the question of privatization program they would need to sell many quick public assets one of the reasons that everybody is so determined to keep greece in the euro is so that the banks don't have to take a serious hit on their faulty lending policies and it's almost as if there's a holy alarms of politicians and bankers versus ordinary people it's a fight that the people say they're not prepared to live. artie. and greece was not the only country gripped by approaches this week as u.k.
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public sector workers went on strike on thursday disrupting schools apples and other services hundreds of thousands of union members to pass demanding the conservative liberal coalition government with things plans to cut their pensions as it slashes eighty billion pounds equivalent to one hundred thirteen billion dollars from public spending on his war and it reports. down tools are with industrial action and autumn of discontent starts here this time it's the public sector workers walking out unhappy with the planned reform of their pensions which they say will see them paying a lot more and getting a lot less but they kept saying it was meant. that if it worked for me to think he will be back in fifty eight when things like that changes that make it eventually very necessary to fix a way to address it's our i think we do need to make cutbacks in things like being
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. in the quality to pensions why so much of it is to these people do a huge variety of key work from teaches and lecturers to air traffic controllers and coast guards unisons the u.k.'s biggest public sector trade union deputy chief paul babbly says his one point three million members already for prolonged industrial action we're almost a war footing we've got thirty million pain sets aside and we've got a strategy work but i must stress that's not what we want to do we want to talk to the government and negotiate a sensible package nor the ridiculous package of their proposal at the moment that package involves raising the retirement age from sixty to sixty six raising pension contributions by workers and having payouts based on average career earnings rather than final fallacy the unions admit public support is fundamental the government's
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very unlikely to change its mind about reforms if the public at large doesn't back the unions but that's by no means a short public sector workers do already get very generous pensions and the cost of this pensions is very much return to the cockpit and the burden falls on to the next generation it really is absolutely essential the public sector and. reformed and even after their reforms public sector workers will get sold at pensions and just back to church workers the unions want to apply enough pressure to force the government to change its mind and it's no stranger to you turns it was hell bent on reforming the health service too until it decided to take longer to think about it causing friction in the coalition the government's doing this to reduce the current fifty billion dollar pension bill but it may be cutting off its nose to spite its face the wider issue here according to the u.k. pension fund to get
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a lot of the public back to work you know don't affect their pensions what while it made me stop to be a stick to it there was a widespread withdrawal pepsico you would pull out and that would leave you k.p. i would be very short of investments just what it means that more than ever your average altie love that. this is coming out. why the u.s. being urged to abandon an airbase it's been using in pakistan. and also made a report on kira's in decision on whether to join a trade union with its eastern neighbors or learn all the links of the. bases as it's increasing as trying to rest in the bay where rebels say they are advancing find the territories that colonel gadhafi is forces to control the alliance says that's an strikes are aimed only at military targets are thousands of people have fled from their homes in fear meanwhile turkey has followed
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a number of other nato member states declaring its records recognizing the rebels as the true representatives of leaders people yes there's no sign of an arms to the conflict as the rebels continue to reject the african union's offer to arrange troops between them and screwed up his government he's maria from notion of reports now from the frontline. the road from the capital tripoli to brag is lined with the aftermath of war towns abandoned as the population fled the involvement. this is what's left of the airport in the siege of. home to one of the country's key oil refineries the last plane took off from this runway just hours before it was hit places place and it's only heating the targets of military value will call say these telecommunications towers something to stop it. as we destroyed and he turned to god this is a safe two strikes and they've also accidentally. two cars and killed
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two civilians since there is no t.v. in this area and as we can see. it has also been disrupted. there is no water and no to. what used to be heaven this man says has become hell holes home now susan is a mere. i have nine children and i send them all to my relatives abroad i don't want them to see their motherland in such a condition. from least small pool not far from drug even gas used to flow to europe. we used to produce fields ascended to them you know see they destroy it all this is terrible and ridiculous at the same time the closer you get to the front line the more you feel it you can hear the war and you can even read it on nature's leaflets jobs just before the bombs arrive this runs as you can
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see the reason sign here in arabic nato is here leave it to in force and i'll fly zone over the country to protect civilians on the other side there is another sign also in arabic saying that nato can attack any place at any time. time happened three times over several hours while we were filming really delivers major world is where the front line lies dividing the country two parts into to see one side is the french one flashpoint between the rebels and gadhafi forces it's a very important point to take location getting the firm hand on this town would mean taking control over the country's economy all facilities seem to be a rare target. and never land on. the civilian population can hardly state they were like my family just going to the shops to buy some foods and this happened six of them died i couldn't believe it. this used to be
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a restaurant for all companies start with friends gathered after work. we were eating with my colleagues then there was a blast we knew what it was we tried to help those who were trapped but then the helicopters came and started to shoot at us. from one street to another the stories are a real problem although. there's a man every day every day did bending a big hand our civilians. from this country this is from libya well those voices become more and more frequent the sound of exploding bombs and warplanes the drowns them. out see tripoli. moscow's alarmed by their big ears interpretation of the u.n. security council resolution on libya the concern has been raised at a meeting between russian and french foreign ministers out of paris admitted supplying weapons to the rebels as the first stars as the campaign began at
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a nato member has owned up to lifting arms to the country process says the framework of the resolution allows for all the means when it comes to protecting peaceful civilians something russia calls and he said the vague wording of the document. resolution one hundred seventy three contains chapter four which allows anyone to do anything this very chance it was the cause more problems with the mandate in all other aspects we support it and as we have warned you now we're facing a rather unpleasant situations when it can be interpreted in most different ways i think moscow in paris and other un security council members are interested for the body to release concise documents to the international law does not need to put up with ambiguity. the african union is calling on member states to ignore their arrest warrant issued in the hague this week against cannell khadafi if the organization doesn't abide by the international criminal court's request but even
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lead it would be able to evade prosecution by staying in neighboring countries or to exclusively interviewed colonel qadhafi son who is also wanted for war crimes and save our lives learned says the warrant is a sham affirmation is attempts to kill him and his family. the score as it is is it is that you can ask or it can one be accused you of killing people over it with your descendants against it or the you can look at it of punishment so they decided to kill and come home and leave my brother and destroy the house saw the need to execute you so no you are the world to me blue lines are going to kill me and you are after me every day you are going to kill file me are going to be really a model of soul not going to just to tell you that it's a very cold a little what you are trying to negotiate with a deal if you are to abuse the. court what is new it means is it is
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controlled by. attacking us every day this is just to court but psychological and political pressure political. don't miss the full exclusive interview with colonel gadhafi son next hour here on r.t. . pro quality or activists so determined to sail to blather to deliver humanitarian aid despite being banned by the government in athens from leaving greek ports the freedom flotilla has been stuck in the country as the greek authorities have refused permission to leave caught and arrested an american captain or one of the vessels actually mr keyes the greek government are acting under pressure from the u.s. and israel which they claim damage to ships docked in turkey and greece tel aviv has dismissed as nonsense claims that special forces sabotage their ships trying to break it guys have located the thirteen days being compared to another last year
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which ended with nine acts of his being killed and tied by israeli commandos or a turkish artie's in a dish of our core values on one of the bios in greece. activists from the so-called freedom flotilla to have gathered in athens to group test decision should ban their vessels from leaving greek port greek coolers understand the decision of authorities is unlawful as athens have not provided any explanation to why the four too has been meeting in the first place and members of european parliament who are part of the humanitarian mission are planning to pressure the e.u. or the u.n. to interfere and stop greece from laying off and we keep legal battles in court. and for more on the freedom flotilla story go to our website r.t.r. home early follow the latest updates from our correspondent was on one of the detained by. also live camera action way out there roundup of the glitz and glamour from this here's what's going to national film
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festival bringing river makers and cinema stars from all over the world. pakistan is turning out the hate on washington urging americans to leave and military advice in the country across tribes on the arc and border region have been launched from the site pakistan spent protesting against their targets we get is calling them a violation of its sovereignty drone bombings have killed scores of civilians by mistake on many occasions pakistani political analysts are met kori schake believes the violence will continue until washington and its war on terror. one of the main reasons for the continuation of violent activity on the pakistan are gonna stand border is the mess that the us military has created inside of coniston over the
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past decade the mess there the way they have alienated a large portion segment of the afghan population in terms of the push them tribes the way they have conducted the war on terror they are the way they have alienated a large park it's really the country is a big reason for why we have a country ration of violence in afghanistan and how that violence is spilling over into pakistan and most pakistani commentators believe now that one of the ways short short cuts really to controlling violence and extremism on the pakistan afghanistan border is really to end the war on terror the way the us military and the way the cia he has been conducting this war over the past ten years one step forward is of course what president obama has declared but the words we're going to see really actions of the ground and we'll get to see whether important agencies within the u.s. government like the central intelligence agency the cia would really cooperate.
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ukrainian special forces have traded blows with hundreds of course after violence erupted over the removal order also rise christian monument in the crimean peninsula the orthodox christian cross was aggressively the result season of dancing you raise this fight alone. and it's really just kind of proposition from some american presidents on this three hundred question question how do you. have to list the signs of the cross war started by riot police with fifteen injured to clashes the movement is being kept at a local state and possible future. the russian police say they've released all of the journalists who have been detained among protesters during celebrations of the twentieth anniversary of the country's independence according to human voice organizations police fired tear gas and peter have answered it from the rounding out some two hundred people in the capital needs
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protesters have taken to the streets to hold another silent protest march only by clapping after a similar banteringly week independence day celebrations come as the government struggles with a financial crisis hoping to secure a multi-billion dollar bailout from the i.m.f. the country's currency has been sharply devalued while the budget deficit months younger with protesters has recently emerged outside this stablished opposition with activists using the internet to organize. after fifteen years the constant union between russia belarus and kazakhstan is up and running with no big co-chair except the bridges between the countries since the first of july the union created to ease mutual trade could be joined by another account of ukraine but as aunties and exceed your chest your balls the country is a crossroads starting brother to turn east on quest. as the change of power in the crane revived ties with the moscow talks of the key of joining the customs union
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between russia belarus and thousands than began a possible move many experts describe as highly beneficial for all sides the world of goods and services produced in ukraine moralist meat market standards and are needed in these countries and the larger the market the more countries specialize in producing certain goods at the moment all of the russian lucy crane and kazakhstan produce competing goods and are not using their natural advantages so this customs union will help them become more focused at the same time ukraine never hit its aspirations to join the european union and despite moscow's reassurances that a customs union can co-exist with the free crates of europe we would all members of the customs union join its presence is no hindrance to this process russia which is also a member of the customs union will seek the creation of the free trade zone with the european union i hope that this task isn't going to be a long run constraint russell did not seem to have cried trying to sit on cheers
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as a stern warning to ukraine came from the european parliament which said should the country join the customs union with russia or still the e.u. will be shot for ever for ukraine and despite this statement coming not from the highest ranks in the e.u. it caused him to debate in clear. now the post soviet states kind itself at a crossroads president going to be trying to negotiate between the east and the west created a special commission on deepening ties with the customs union we don't try to choose between trouper trinity if we try to find a formula that would let us use boost for the benefit of our economy and unfortunately strong position of all european partners is that your brain cannot be a member of past and syrian if it wants to have a free trade area so that's why we have to and we do searching for a formula that can allow us to be a close partner of presence union to be
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a good partner of dollar russia russia and kazakhstan and an economic sphere but north becoming a full scale member experts say it is impossible to tell whether such a formula would be that many stressed that the demand for most ukrainian goods and produce would definitely be higher in the russian market that in the e.u. . room of the european market is huge but it has very high standards and is heavily regulated it's really difficult work there even for strong european producers ukraine would struggle to fit in the market in the questions you need smaller but the goods produced by ukraine will be on high demand. while key of this curiously browers in britain with the east are the worst for georgia of ukrainians say the disquiet european brass tourist being seemingly greener russia is after all close the program a lot only geopolitically lets you assess the artsy reports and promptly you build your great. time now to check on some other international news and breathe this
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hour almost two hundred police company has in clashes with protesters near the italian city of cheering the crowd of around six thousand or demonstrating against the construction of a high speed railway tunnel so there are stars and petrol bombs were thrown at officers who responded with tear gas opponents of the project will live between tearing down the french quarter say a rail link would have ruined the landscape around claimed the tunnel construction could damage the region's environment. but the ship police have arrested more than one hundred people in the capital in the capital dhaka demanding the government scrap a gas exploration deal with the well it's a left leaning citizens group such as the arrangements but rather bangladesh of its natural resources and compromises the country's interests as it's facing an acute energy crisis off the shoals the contract will hold and the country's chronic power shortages stores and schools were closed down traffic was disrupted in the capital protests. crowds of cheering supporters have gathered in
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bangkok to celebrate the landslide victory of thailand's opposition elections likely to mean the country's first woman prime minister the party of including shinawatra sisto ousted prime minister thaksin shinawatra was toppled by the military five years ago swept to power p.-u. thai parties won over half of the five hundred seats in parliament elections logs a bruising defeat for the current regime banned by the army which last year ended widespread protests by the former premier's red shirt supporters. there is a coming up in this and a special report about the father of the hydrogen bomb that's right after recount our top stories in a few months. some
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. of. the books it was a top story for. this st studentships sequence of
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times in the field of the soviet files on oxy so. we'll. bring you the latest in science and certainly from the ground floor should. we dump the few jerks covered. yes.


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